British Columbia
Elks Association

As the Provincial Association for the National Elks of Canada, we are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that fundraises for charitable purposes throughout British Columbia.

From local sporting events to large-scale donation drives, the members of the BC Elks Association have raised millions of dollars in our long history to improve local communities, assist individuals in need, and support other charitable causes.

The British Columbia Elks Association represents and serves 42 Elks of Canada Lodges in British Columbia. Together with the over 1500 men and women in these Lodges, we share the common belief to promote and support community needs in British Columbia. As well as strive to be a recognizable volunteer organization focusing on helping children, communities and families by meeting members’ needs through fraternal social activities.

If you are interested in joining the Elks, or are inquiring about how our Lodges can assist your cause, please contact us.

By email:
by Phone: 1-888-For-Elks (1-888-367-3557) — Toll Free

BC Elks Executive 2022

BC Elks Executive 2022 / 2023

  • President: Kari Senko
  • Immediate Past President: Barbara Gee
  • 1st Vice President: Nick Geerdink
  • 2nd Vice President: Randy Schellenberg

  • 3rd Vice President: Charles Beamin
  • 1st Director: Laurie Kidd
  • 2nd Director: Dave Sallenback
  • Chairman Finance Committee: Bert Chen
  • Chairman Judiciary Committee: Ron Molnar

Presidents Message

Kari Senko - President BC ELKs Association

Kari Senko / 2022 /2023 President

Brothers, Sisters and Ladies of the Royal Purple Elks,

It is an honour and a privilege to serve as your President for the upcoming year. As we return to some semblance of normal in a post pandemic world, each Lodge has their own individual challenges. The B.C. Elks Executive is here to support you.

My theme for the upcoming year is CREATING MOMENTUM

It is time for us to all move forward. So what does that mean for you and your Lodge? Creating momentum will allow you to determine what is right for your Lodge, and for your community. Is your priority increasing your membership? Being more visible in your community? Raising funds for your community, the Camp Society or the Fund for Children? The decision is yours, and we are here to support and offer assistance where we can. So what I would like from all of you, is take some time with your membership and determine what your goals are going to be, and what direction you would like to take. If it is to increase your membership, then start with one, create some momentum, and then add two. If it’s getting out in your community, start with one event, create some momentum, and then do two. If it’s raising funds, start with one dollar, create momentum, and then raise two. The sky is truly the limit. Step-by-step, bit by bit, dollar by dollar, you will start to create momentum and move forward into the future.

Once you have set some goals and made some plans, reach out to me. I would like you to tell me what it is you want to do, tell me your plans, and how we can support. Please reach out to me at my email: I am your biggest cheerleader, and what you do matters!

I wish to further thank everyone for your support and tell you all how very proud I am of each and every Lodge in our province, and how they have weathered the Covid storm. I am very excited to see where we are all going to go over the next year and well into the future. I am here before you #ElksProud and look forward to visiting many of you, and touching base to see what momentum you are creating.

And always remember a smile leaves a little sparkle along the way.

Kari Senko, President of the B.C Elks Association

Benefits of Membership

Joining your local Elks lodge is a great way to meet new people and become involved in your local community.  The opportunities in each lodge differ but will usually include a variety of social activities such as darts, bowling, crib nights, trivia nights, and more. Check with your local lodge to see what is offered in your area.

The Elks have a history of service and have a strong community presence and you will gain opportunities to network and meet a variety of people as well as give back to your community. Some of the events that local lodges may participate in include Christmas parades and Easter egg hunts for kids and fund-raisers to help children who might not otherwise be able to go to summer camp have a fun camping experience.

The ELKs also sponsor regional, provincial and national yearly tournaments in darts and bowling.

Gain opportunities to grow your leadership skills with the various conferences and seminars available to members.

We look forward to seeing you soon!