Held April 21 – 24, 22 at the Mission Elks Lodge #30. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated (especially those of you who traveled quite a ways to come).  Also a special thank you to all the volunteers who made this event possible – thank you to all the people involved in the organization, those who helped set up and take down, the volunteers who ran the bar and food trailer. You are all rockstars and we couldn’t do it without you.

Men’s Singles

  1. Kent Zirk
  2. Shane Cooper
  3. Nolan Jorger / Rob Shannon

Men’s Doubles

  1. Shane Cooper & Rob Shannon
  2. Keith Peters & Kent Zirk
  3. Calvin Ek & Brian Ek
    Nolan Jorger & Paul Marshal

Ladie’s Singles

  1. Liesa Tonks
  2. Eileen Kramer
  3. Dee Jalava / Summer Sward

Ladie’s Doubles

  1. Eileen Kramer & Ursula Gunther
  2. Lannette Edmundson & Fawna Van Veld
  3. Summer Sward & Leslie Williams
    Dee Jalava & Betty Gibson

Mixed Doubles

  1. Shane Cooper & Liesa Tonks
  2. Nolan Jorger & Summer Sward
  3. Paul Marshall & Leslie Williams
    Calvin Ek & Dee Jalava

Mixed Quads

  1. Nolan Jorger, Paul Marshal, Summer Sward & Leslie Williams
  2. Calvin Ek, Brian Ek Dee Jalava & Betty Gibson
  3. Lloyd Woodluft, Rob Shannon, Liesa Tonks & Deanne Edmundson
    Kent Zirk, Keith Peters, Lanette Edmundson & Fawna Van Veld

Men’s Quads

  1. Shane Cooper, Rob Shannon, Nolan Jorger & Paul Marshal
  2. Brennan Jorger, Josh Tonks, Kent Zirk, Kieth Peters
  3. Calvin Ek, Brian Ek, Larry Careu, Wayne Carlson

Woman’s Quads

  1. Dee Jalava, Betty Gibson, Sharon Jorger, & Debbie Oliver
  2. Eileen Kramer, Ursula Gunther, Lanette Edmundson & Fawna Van Veld
  3. Liesa Tonks, Deanne Edmundson, Summer Sward & Leslie Williams